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Social and Economic Situation in municipal formation

The Municipal Formation Shcherbinovskiy District belongs to the territories of the northern steppe zone of the Krasnodar Region with a specialization in agriculture. It shares its borders with the Rostov Region, as well as the Starominskaya, Kanevskaya, and Yeysk Districts of the Krasnodar Region; the distance from the regional center is 220 km.

The Municipal Formation includes 15 settlements (two Cossack villages, five large villages, four small villages, and four farms), united into 8 rural settlements. The administrative center is the village of Staroshcherbinovskaya.

The total area of lands within the territorial boundaries of the Municipal Formation Shcherbinovskiy District is 137,707 hectares.

A part of the territory is washed by the Yeysk Estuary and the Gulf of Taganrog of the Azov Sea, which are separated by the Glafirovskaya Spit that is 7 km long with a width of 1 km at the base and 40-50 m at the end, which, like the Sazalnik Spit, belongs to natural sightseeing attractions. The offshore coastal strip is 0.4 m below sea level.

The total length of the coastline located within the administrative boundaries of the Municipal Formation Shcherbinovskiy District, from Molchanovka farm to Severnyi settlement, is 90 km.

The mid-year residential population of the Municipal Formation Shcherbinovskiy District is 35,177 people.

The working-age population is 18,056 people. The population employed in the economy of the Municipal Formation is 13,052 people.

The agricultural complex of the district is the main sector of the economy of the Municipal Formation Shcherbinovskiy District, and it remains one of the leading strategic directions of the development of its economy. The share of the agricultural complex in the total volume of production in the Shcherbinovskiy District is 79.4% on average. 12 collective farms are engaged in the production of agricultural products in the district. Among them, there are Primorsckoye CJSC, 50 Years of October CJSC, Vostochnoye CJSC, OJSC Named After Kirov, OJSC Named After T.G. Shevchenko, Blagodarnoye LLC, Novoshcherbinovskaya Farming Enterprise LLC, Kalinina LLC, Limanskoye LLC, Znamya Lenina Agricultural Production Cooperative (a collective farm), Shcherbinovskoye JSC, Staroshcherbinovskiy Elevator CJSC, more than 200 heads of peasant farm enterprise, as well as more than 14 thousand personal subsidiary plots of citizens.

Agricultural production, predominantly grain crop production and developed livestock breeding, is the main direction of economic activity in the Municipal Formation Shcherbinovskiy District. In the structure of cultivated lands, the largest share is occupied by grain and leguminous crops. Grain production is one of the most profitable activities to maintain the overall positive profitability of production. The development of grain production is planned through the further introduction into the production of new resource-saving adaptive cultivation technologies and promising high-yielding hybrids of grain crops.

The volume of shipped goods of own production for large and medium-sized agricultural enterprises in 2020 amounted to 5,669.5 million rubles, which is 97.3% of the level of the same period last year.

The basis of the Municipal Formation Shcherbinovskiy District is made up of agricultural enterprises, which are the main budget-forming enterprises of the district (90% of all budget revenues).

The manufacturing sector is represented by the following enterprises:

1) FIREGLASS CJSC – processing and manufacturing of fireproof partitions and doors from a fire-resistant translucent glass made by PILKINGTON, a German company;

2) Ceramik JSC – production of wall materials (a small enterprise); processing shops of agricultural enterprises that produce food products from raw materials of its own production;

3) Combine of Cooperative Industry LLC – production of bakery, confectionery, and pasta (a small enterprise).

The consumer sphere is an active area of business development in the district.

289 stationary and 53 non-stationary trade objects carry out retail trade in the district.

There are 8 universal all-year-round fairs in the territory of the district. In addition to all-year-round fairs, seasonal roadside and weekend fairs are carried out annually.

The Municipal Formation Shcherbinovskiy District has certain tourist and recreational resources that are not used to the full extent. The villages of Glafirovka and Shabelskoye are recognized as local resorts on the territory of the Municipal Formation Shcherbinovskiy District.

The following objects operate in the field of hotels and other accommodation facilities on the territory of the Municipal Formation Shcherbinovskiy District:

  • The Glafirovka Land Hotel for 50 beds in the village of Glafirovka; the Head of the hotel is Melnichenko Valentin Andreyevich;
  • The Albatross Boarding House for 47 beds in the village of Glafirovka; Privetlivyi Bereg LLC; the Head of the boarding house is Karaketova Irina Ivanovna.

Geographically, the resort area of the Municipal Formation Shcherbinovskiy District is located on the Azov-Kuban Lowland along the eastern coast of the Azov Sea. The main natural general health resources are as follows: the presence of a warm shallow sea, sand-and-shell sea beaches of the Yeysk Estuary, and the Gulf of Taganrog of the Azov Sea with a moderately continental climate and landscape.

Following the results of 2020, 956.5 million rubles were invested due to large and medium-sized enterprises from all sources of financing. In the rating of urban districts and municipal districts of the Krasnodar Region, the Shcherbinovskiy District took 20th place (out of 44) in terms of investment growth rate.